Harvey Elliott 🔥 #lfc #shorts
14 сағат бұрын
Nunez goal on PL debut ✅ #LFC #shorts
Highlights: Man Utd 2-4 Liverpool
Art of the day with Aser
Art of the day with Aser 9 сағат бұрын
صلاح ينفع ترد i want salah
Nogaye TALL
Nogaye TALL 9 сағат бұрын
HICHAM hrdhf
HICHAM hrdhf 9 сағат бұрын
Robo don't lie, hhh
Super_Hov 9 сағат бұрын
Not manager best coach🥶🥶🥶
giftedjennifer 9 сағат бұрын
I was there
idk 10 сағат бұрын
That Trent ball to Robbo😍
Milan Gagic
Milan Gagic 10 сағат бұрын
Go Mitrovic!
Lion Gordel
Lion Gordel 10 сағат бұрын
No one compares to the PHOENIX. A mythical bird that appeared like shooting star with its speed and brilliant light. It shone brightest in 2002 World cup and was never seen again until such a time the universe is aligned to dazzle the world out of mediocrity....
Foreign Traveler
Foreign Traveler 10 сағат бұрын
Klopp was a little bit nervous in front of Pep 😂
John Cambridge
John Cambridge 11 сағат бұрын
The injury list is keeps piling up. That’s worrying. Just hope the 2020-21 season injury crisis doesn’t happen again this season. It was painful. But I do think we need 1 proven midfielder that can lift the team like Thiago did. Let’s be honest Keita and the ox definitely not the answer . Frankly I would rather have minamino than these 2. They’re good but injuries and inconsistency due to injury ruining them and we can’t afford to have that let alone 2 of them. Thiago is a world class talent still can’t believe we have him but he’s getting older and sadly an injury prone. Hendo and Milner not that young either. Elliot, carvalho and Jones still young and exciting but I wouldn’t put excitement first before winning. Yes 3 of them could have breakthrough season but not a guarantee. Just hope we sign 1 proven midfielder before the transfer window shuts. If not then just hope our youngsters do a Trent.
Lya Fazil
Lya Fazil 11 сағат бұрын
Do they all have high numbers
Eben Olemaun-Khan
Eben Olemaun-Khan 11 сағат бұрын
so we wait to sign Bellingham until we can no longer afford him whilst signing the most overpaid midfielder in the world while hes already over 30 and who misses 2 months per season every single season. fantastic
One Love Brothers
One Love Brothers 11 сағат бұрын
We are the gun ners
michael Ritch
michael Ritch 11 сағат бұрын
The midfield is absolutely fine...YNWA forever#97...in klopp we trust
Jordan 11 сағат бұрын
Frederic⚡ 11 сағат бұрын
I'm really excited for this season
Frederic⚡ 11 сағат бұрын
1 goal 1 assist great debut
Yamen Muhamed
Yamen Muhamed 11 сағат бұрын
Corey Poulton
Corey Poulton 11 сағат бұрын
liverpool do not go easy on manunited they will go hard on us next week they lost to breford to make them self look bad and to make us go easy on them but don't
Thomas Davies
Thomas Davies 11 сағат бұрын
L wicks02
L wicks02 12 сағат бұрын
Alisson Trent Phillips Van Dijk Robertson Fabinho Henderson Elliott Salah Diaz/Carvalho Carvalho/Diaz
Loïc Leung
Loïc Leung 12 сағат бұрын
at least one of them never touched the ball :D
Chip in4seven
Chip in4seven 12 сағат бұрын
Mighty red's 🔴 YNWA ⛳
Odrey Joseph
Odrey Joseph 12 сағат бұрын
what a club ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kristoffer Steenbjerg
Kristoffer Steenbjerg 12 сағат бұрын
Kristoffer Steenbjerg
Kristoffer Steenbjerg 12 сағат бұрын
Kristoffer Steenbjerg
Kristoffer Steenbjerg 12 сағат бұрын
Sadio ✋🤚
Kristoffer Steenbjerg
Kristoffer Steenbjerg 13 сағат бұрын
Sadio 😪😪
Kristoffer Steenbjerg
Kristoffer Steenbjerg 13 сағат бұрын
Liverpool its reaty to training